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Diploma of Honor to the Merit -  Clique Aqui

Flag of the Planet Land

          The idea to project a flag for the Planet Land appeared of the necessity of awaking in the humanity a bigger ecological conscience, attachment and effective interaction between the Man and the Nature, in view of its real preservation.

          To preserve the nature is to have of all, however, it is important that mechanisms are created that despertem the feeling of the people for the nature, and the flag will be the symbol that will serve of link between the man and the nature, that will take it to reflect on the necessity to watch over for the environment.

          Thus being, in day 26 of August of the year of 2004 the professor and writer Jose Santana Lima idealized and built the flag of the Planet Land, whose colors or symbols have the following representations: to the center, the globe in its natural form (without the interference of the Man); the yellow gold of the letters that composes the phrase “Let us save the Planet Land”, surrounding the globe, represents existing metals; the red color, the fire; the blue color, the waters; e the trees to the center, represent the life in the Planet.

          This workmanship was sent to the Foundation National Library for acquisition of the certificate of register, having had received that agency, the register of nº 373,079 together, book: 691, leaf: 239.

          If the symbol is what it represents a reality, and the Planet Land is a reality, why not to have its proper flag as common symbol to all humanity to strengthen the union between the peoples, also being able, to be a incentivador instrument of the peace between the humanity? This symbol, an officialized time, will also serve to be educative party to suit in the schools for occasion of the allusive commemorative dates to the environment and, with this, to stimulate the children to interact in harmonious and affective way in the preservation process it environment.

          As the space conquest today is a reality, this flag could be part of the luggage of the astronauts in its andanças for the space, as a landmark of the evolution human being here in the Land.