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          To take care of the necessities of the man in his capacity of consumption, the nature has been unfolded above of his capacity of reproduction. With the wild consumerism stimulated for the current economic model, the planet day-by-day, comes showing fatigue signals and the nature already demonstrates that it will not support for much time maltreatment that comes receiving on the part from the man who, in the greed for the accumulation of wealth, turns the coasts for the problem and continues exploring, to the maximum, the natural resources, more necessarily the hydrous resources that already start to become scarce themselves.

         Reflections, manifestations appear here regarding the subject, but they are isolated actions without any practical result. The time passes and more we approach to the abyss, without any step and nothing has been taken in the direction to minimize the problem. It time to act effectively in an integrated and determined action, for bequeath a healthful planet, with full condition of life to the future generations.

         The water, for being a common product to all indispensable humanity and to the life, would have to be protected for severe laws, elaborated internationally, foreseeing rigorous punishments for who disregarded them.

        The example of financial institutions, that had been created in order to promote the development of the underdeveloped countries, that such to create a robust cooperative in international level, involving the biggest possible number of countries, whose name could be: Defending International organization of the Environment (OIDMA), with the exclusive purpose of assisting the underdeveloped countries in the infrastructure construction for the treatment of the sewers, therefore domestic servants as industrials? To assist in the combat the misery in the devoid communities that, in general way, explore the nature in predatory way, promoting the withdrawal of its natural vegetation to transform it in coal, and so, to guarantee the survival charity; in the combat to the traffic of wild animals and others damages; to mainly finance programs of reforestation in the marginal regions, where its makes necessary, with sights to preserve sources and rivers, to all humanity, essential the life in the planet?

          How to create it is a request question for to discuss the alternatives.