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          The maintenance of the climates in the different regions of the planet is basic to guarantee the balance of different existing ecosystems in the face of the Land.

          According to author Hirome Nakata Marcos de Amorim Coelho in his general geography works 1986, climatology is the study of the climates of the globe. This study it is supported basically in the comment of the types of time. It is not only implies the comment, during long years, of the climatic elements (temperature, atmospheric pressure, air masses, winds, atmospheric humidity and precipitations) and of the climatic factors (latitude, altitude, continent alidade, etc.) as well as the comment of the general circulation of the atmosphere, taking itself in account the characteristic positions of the fronts and the air masses.

          What the man needs to know is what to make for not to modify them. The vegetation contributes very much in the maintenance of these phenomena. Happen that great part of the natural vegetation in the planet already started and also continues being devastated in frightful rhythm pointing with respect to serious risks of disequilibrium in different ecosystems what will imply disastrous consequences for different species of life in the planet, inclusive the man.

          The anger for the immediate enrichment is voracious. To deforest to plant and to produce everything what it propitiates the immediate profit seems a dispute between being able them economic. Exactly in regions where the desertification is seen as a threat in case of disordered deforestations, the action of the man comes being devastator, when it should be of repairing.