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The Nature asks for help

          The human beings continue to devastate the planet Land, putting in risk its proper existence, and the nature, that does not obtain to defend themselves, already start to revenge...

          Since that the man in the planet appeared, around a million of years, the Nature comes suffering successive modifications to give to the sustentation its necessities.

          During this long period of the existence human being, in last the two hundred years, approximately, it only is that we start to realize our indifference with the environment.

          The devastation grows accelerated, to the measure that sophisticated work tools appears in the agricultural activity, with the job of modern technologies to take care of the high consumption.

          It does not have in the globe one place where the action of the man is not present, either for its physical presence, or the effect of the pollution left for the smoke of the flying machines, it is its mark there..

          The Land is tired, the Nature asks for help. The greed for more wealth deafens the men becoming them insensitive. Many people sad in preserving the half environment, but just a little has been effecting. The human had been possessed of the planet, cut into pieces between itself, had created symbols each one, and each one, in its space, makes what they want; they are sovereign (until there understandable), but will be that only the human beings are alone who need the planet Land to live and to perpetuate the species?

          Off course not. It is good we stopping to reflect before it is late; incautiousness will be able to take the boat to the shipwreck with all members of the crew. E was as soon as, the tired Nature to suffer, decided to enter in the fight being tried to defend itself. The construction of a flag to homage the planet also symbolizes the union of the entire beings livings creature in the face of the Land (inclusive the Man) and the institution of an agency, as the Defending International Organization of Environment (OIDMA), seems to be the solution found “for the animals” for salvation of the Nature.

          The animals had made their part. They had created the most significant symbol, they proposed for the possibility of the creation of the OIDMA, remains to find guard who has them as common starting point for the creation of laws and rules to all the human beings, that come to discipline the use in rational way, of this piece of Universe, where God, in his infinite goodness, granted the life.